There are moments on the trip when,
enchanted by the beauty that surrounds you,
you stop and think to yourself “this is exactly where I wanted to come”.


Luxury is the freedom of a barefoot walk among the lemon trees underscored by the fragrance of lavender and jasmine, relaxing in our eight pools, mind and body wellbeing at the Ocean Blu Spa, first and only spa with a view of the Ischian sea. Great cuisine takes centre stage with the flavours of the pizza to be found at Acropolis Bar, our island’s specialities at La Veranda or a gourmet tasting menu with the dishes on offer at Franco’s which this year moves to a dedicated terrace with a view onto the bay of Negombo. Their shared special ingredient? That unparalleled view of the sea.

opera d'arte nel parco del San Montano Resort

The details confer personality and recount the vision and philosophy of San Montano hospitality. The allure of nature comes with the love of beauty in all its forms, from the sober elegance of communal spaces to the works of art can be admired in the various spaces throughout the hotel.

dettaglio indoor spaces
dettaglio con quadri e specchi indoor spaces
dettaglio arte indoor spaces
salotto interno, dettaglio divani
visuale salotto indoor spaces
Indoor Spaces.
Furnitures & Design

The parkland, pools, solarium, the terraces overlooking the sea dotted with chairs and outdoor seating. Our guests can pick their new favourite spot every day and time and again discover a new perspective on Mediterranean nature and a new space to unwind.

Outdoor Spaces.
Nature & Sea



The San Montano is more than a 5 star hotel on Ischia, it’s a destination in its own right, a microcosm for experiencing the whole island. Nature, good food, an entire area’s culture and its traditions. A unique place where we extol service as the truest luxury.

vista aerea piscina san montano resort
Ingresso san montano resort